A safe and secure supply of energy is vital to our lives. This is why Canada’s transmission pipeline operators have joined forces to put the interests of Canadians first – sharing ideas to improve safety and protect the environment, and then turning those ideas into actions. This year’s transmission pipeline industry performance report reflects the outcomes of those actions.


In this report, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) and our members are pleased to share details on the transmission pipeline industry’s recent performance, as well as the actions we’re taking collectively to continuously improve safety, lessen environmental impacts and achieve operational excellence.

Canada energy use by source


Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy – June 2017

Our goal is getting to zero incidents

99.999 per cent of all oil and gas products transported through CEPA member pipelines reach their markets safetly. We are striving to achieve 100 per cent. Through CEPA, members work together to continuously improve in key areas to reach our goal of zero incidents. Safety, environmental protection and emergency response are, and always have been, our top priorities.

Transmission pipelines are critical energy infrastructure, delivering the energy Canadians use every day. We will fulfill our essential role safely, reliably and efficiently. Canadians and the customers we serve – from oil and gas producers to refiners and processors to residential, commercial and industrial customers – expect this of us.